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JUN/16/23 Life-Collage

A picture assembled from the pieces of your life.

Art therapy group begins from September in the studio (only in Hungarian for now).

DEC/19/21 Studio fair

SEP/22/21 Spinning & Reading Club

New carpet spinning & reading club with Bori Zelei in the KanguLUM Studio!

For more information contact us at kangulum@gmail.com

MAR/15/17 eco workshops at KanguLUM

DEC/06/16 Christmas workshops

DEC/04/15 studio fair and workshop in December

MAY/11/15 We are moving

The KanguLUM studio is moving soon.

JAN/29/15 1st February, Bratislava

On Sunday, 1. February from 11:00 till 19:00 KanguLUM is attanding the Visegrád Markets design fair with WAMP in Bratislava. Let's meet there in Stará tržnica, Námestie SNP 25.

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